New Timber Deck Design and Construction Spencer NSW


Spencer 2776 NSW



Scope Of Works:

Construct 130m2 deck with two grand staircases and entertaining area with a fire pit.

Project Length:

4 Weeks


Project Description

This new decking at a Spencer residential property involved Demolition as well as the construction of a new wrap-round deck and entertaining area with a fire pit. The north side also had a new skillion roof added.

Cut all decking planks along the joists and remove, to be disposed of.
Remove old joists and bearers.
Remove posts to take the project back to the ground. Except use the post stirrups that are in good order.

Line up post stirrups and stand one 90x90mm post and temporally secure it to the house with what would be a joist beam.
Stand all posts allowing every second post to be longer to act as the post for the handrails.
Three posts required for the skillion roof.
Temporally brace all posts plumb and straight and parallel using timbers that will be joists eventually.

The construction of the firepit had to commence at this time due to the massive weight of the sandstone blocks that had to be rolled into place. 500x 500 x 1200 base blocks dry-laid at two courses high. The final 3 courses of hand hone blocks will be laid with mortar and finish at 500mm above the deck height. The base of the fire is a sheet of 8mm x 1200mm steel plate.

Set 140mm x 45 bearers parallel with the posts to the underside of the joists. Set supporting posts to bearers working from outside in. Secure bearer to the house and parallel bearers to extend the deck around the house. Cut and set all posts to stirrups cemented to the ground. Bearers bolted to posts.

Layout 90x45mm joists spaced parallel at 450mm nailed to bearers and then z tied before decking goes on. First decking board marked out to be straight and decking line checked to remain straight and parallel. Cut down handrail posts to 1m above deck height. Top rail is 90 x 22mm decking board with vertical 90x45mm timber notched out for vertical timber slats constructed from the decking.

5.7m stringers at 300×45 with treads 300 and step height at 180mm. posts to the ground also acting as a handrail, with vertical slats same as the entire deck.

Skillion roof
Support beam attached to the house at 190mm with rafters at 190mm spaced at 800mm apart. Resting on 240x45mm beams. Battens 70×35. Corrugated colour bond roof.

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