Newcastle Pergolas and Gazebos


Traditionally pergolas are slated roof strutures providing dappled shade to the covered area. They are used as shading attached to buildings or a single standing units in gardens or as walkways. The modern pergolas have rotating blades to control the amount of shade. In traditional gardens vines or creepers would be grown across the slated structure to provide a level of shade. The term pergola is now generally used to describe lean to shading and the slated roof structure can be replaced with solid transparent or steel sheeting for example. WHAT can deisgn and construct the pergola of your choice or suggest the most suitable kits available on the market to proved the shading you desire.


Traditionally a gazebo is a circular or multi-sided structure. The bandstand or hexagonal shaped garden shelter are the most common examples of the traditional gazebo. Nowadays the gazebo can be any shape. It is a standalone struture and has a more complex roofing arrangement that the pergola. Great as poolside or spa and outside dining area shelters. WHAT can again discuss your requirments and encorporate things like bbq stations or pizza ovens aswell as fire pits and custom furniture.

WHAT Services can design and construct your Pergola or Gazebo.
We will go throught all the available options including types of construction material, a custom design or the best pre-fabricated kit to suit the project scope.
Our free, no-obligation quotation is all part of our pre-sale service so contact us today and our team will discuss your options.

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